Amazing Examples of ECommerce Website Design

Amazing Examples of Ecommerce website designs

The e-commerce concept has become immensely popular these days; especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. Now everyone is willing to purchase products or services online because it is cost and time-efficient. Also, people can judge the credibility of the business easily, this is one of the reasons they prioritize online platforms.

Is it really easy to know the credibility of a business?

Yes, through website design, customers can judge how much the business is credible. Just because customers interact with your business first time through the website so, web design is a necessary factor to pay attention to. The more your web design is user-friendly and eye-catching, the more it will increase your business’s reliability, and vice versa.

That means your e-commerce website is only profitable when it has a powerful web design. Want to exhibit your e-commerce website with a robust design? Well, we offer the best Ecommerce Web designs to make your online business thrive. By living in touch with web design trends, we know what design suits your e-commerce website utmost. We make your e-commerce website responsive and easy to navigate, which inspires the customers to revisit your brand, and eventually, it helps to grow the list of your prospects.

Before looking at the examples, you must know some essential elements for designing an e-commerce website.

What are the necessary considerations when designing an e-commerce website?

Focus on user-friendly navigation

Customers feel satisfied with your website if it is simple and easy to navigate. They land on your website to find the information quickly, and due to that reason; its design should be user-friendly. This helps the customers find the required information immediately.

You must pay attention to not having a confusing layout because it can lead to complex navigation and that can be a reason to leave your site. Thus, your homepage must be looking uncluttered; describing your brand in a great way.

 There should be a clear and highlighted CTA button to attract customers. Also, adding drop-down menus can be a wise option to make your e-commerce website user-friendly. Drop-down menus prevent your homepage from looking over-crowded, which helps the customers to find the information easily on your website that they are looking for.

Apply the rule KISS “Keep It Simple, Silly!

Use responsive design for mobile-compatibility

Customers use mobile phones these days and prefer them for purchasing online.  It is easy to do online shopping through mobile phones instead of desktops or laptops. That’s why; making your e-commerce website responsive on mobile phones can help to increase customer satisfaction and user experience.

With responsive design, your site gets accessed on not just mobile phones but also on other devices such as tablets, desktops, and laptops. Making your website accessible on all devices means attracting more customers from all platforms, which leads to more conversions.

Include high-quality product images with descriptions

Though customers can see and touch the products in bricks and mortar stores. That’s a factor that online store lacks but no worries, there is a solution – adding high-quality images to your website. The more your images are in high quality, the more your customers will sense them as a real touch.

So, it is essential to focus on including captivating product images because this will help the customers to make a confident decision to purchase them. Also, a short engaging description gives a visual presentation that will let the customers know more about the products, which will ultimately convert them into potential customers.

Add resources for customer services

Some customers might not be familiar with the product’s use cases. And for that reason, they need some assistance. By providing some resources on your website to know about use cases, you can make them happy. The more your customers feel satisfied with your website, the more they will recommend your website to their social circle.

Well, you can add a Chatbot to answer the queries. As customers will come to know the Chatbot’s availability, they will like to ask you accordingly. By answering, you will make them unambiguous and they will surely make a purchase.

Chatbot’s feature apart, you can also add a section of support. In this section, you can add the downloadable manuals about “how to use the product”. If you sell products or services that can make the customers a little confused in the beginning while using them, then adding this section can be the cherry on the cake. Adding the support section is all about increasing the user experience.

Add social media sharing button on your product pages

Every business wants to share its brand’s awareness worldwide and uncertainly, that matters for a successful journey. But is it possible?

Yes, in this digital age, almost everything is possible. Social media has become a central platform where almost everyone spends most of their free time. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter these days.  And sharing your brand’s products or services on these platforms can help to increase your brand awareness.

So, you need to integrate the social media sharing button on your website because by knowing this feature your customers would like to share their experience with their friends or family members on social media. And as a result, it will attract more audiences to experience your brand.

Include customers’ words of mouth

Customers don’t want to have the worst shopping experience and that’s why they look for a credible source to make a purchase. Customers would like to visit an e-commerce website that is highly recommended. And in that aspect, you can show the past customers’ word of mouth about your brand.

Yes, displaying positive testimonials or feedback in your web design can act as recommendations for new customers. As new customers will come to know your brand’s authenticity by other customers, they would like to continue their shopping process from it.

Customer’s positive feedback not only helps to hook new prospects but also increases your business credibility.

Certify your secure payment gateways

Along with the online shopping features, customers could also face the filtration of their personal information. Due to that reason, many customers are not willing in online shopping. So, you should ensure that customers’ personal information is safe and secure on your website.

You should include secure payment gateways such as PayPal, Adyen, or Stripe. So, while the moment of transactions, you should show the info button uncluttered. This button displays that all transactions are encrypted. Also, if you want to tell your customers that their data is secure on your website, highlight a paragraph about your approach to customers’ secure transactions on the topside of the Place order page.

By going through the information, your customers will feel happy and think about the customer-caring side of your company.

Add filters for an easy shopping journey

Users land on your website to access the information quickly, thus, providing them with the filters can help to convert them into your customers. With filters, customers specify their requirements, which narrows down the results and they can select accordingly.

It ensures that customers don’t feel stranded when finding the products. Say, you sell shoes online then you can display different categories for filters such as Color, Price, size, and more.

Your customers will select each filter to have the results quickly as per their needs. This saves the customers’ time and effort.

What are some Phenomenal examples of Ecommerce website design?

To get an idea of how your e-commerce website should have a design, here are some examples to look at:


This watch brand is all about its lavishness and uniqueness.

As per the “KISS” rule, the brand shows the first impression nicely to hold the visitors’ attention. This website has an uncluttered and beautiful homepage with a high-quality hero image of the watch portraying the brand’s uniqueness.

For user-friendly navigation, there is a search bar at the top of the homepage to find out the results quickly. It seems like watches have shown them the worth of time and that’s why they don’t want to waste their customers’ time by creating a website with a confusing and busy-look layout.


Boohoo makes itself distinguished by highlighting the offers on the homepage. Sounds DOPE!

As customers interact with the website, the first sight goes to an exclusive offer and this way, it urges the customers to make a purchase.

The design, text style, and aesthetics set it apart. The drop-down menus create a beautiful classification and visitors can easily access the products even according to their gender on the website.

Tip: Avoid overdoing the design too much because it can create a messy sense.

View like a customer and go ahead.


Bearbrand attracts customers in a great way to sell beard products.

This online store comes up with a different yet alluring design. Instead of displaying a hero image, the website shows its brand-building story. This is a great idea because as customers read the brand’s inspiring story, they will surely think about its trustworthiness.

The homepage is simple with just a “Shop” button for quick purchasing. As customers click the button, they see a list of products that Bearbrand offers.

Just a little down, there will be high-quality images waiting for the customers to hook their attention. Also, while scrolling down, customers will look at exclusive offers, which makes the scrolling journey more pleasing.

Dick Moby

A big shout out to Dick Moby for selling glasses uniquely.

The homepage is all about fascinating the customers with visually appealing images. The two characters wearing glasses in the hero section depict a better shopping experience. On the Shop Page, there are just glasses with their prices so that customers can make informed decisions.

The amazing thing is, customers can see a single glass frame with different designs and that works for customers’ engagement.  Whether customers need sunglasses or eyeglasses, the layout highlights the categories.

Dress Up

For a great stock of women’s clothing in an engaging web design, Dress Up raises its name in the crowd.

Women can purchase fashionable dresses by viewing eye-catching images. The “CTA” button is more visible so that customers can find it easier to make a purchase. The excellent Fonts and colors scheme help the customers to know about sales, new arrivals, or special offers.

Most online fashion stores lack a Chatbot option but this store has this feature to make their customer journey happier by answering their queries.


The name itself is signifying a delightful shopping experience.

This e-commerce website uses bright colors to maintain the worth of its name. The wonderful hero image has a golden color to show its distinction. For a better user experience, there is a search bar on the home page of the website.

Carrollwood Florist

This flower-selling e-commerce site spreads its fragrance with a charming web design.

There is a half-smiling face of a woman with a bouquet in her hand. The smile indicates the customer’s experience with a brand. Too good to attract!

The website is simple and user-friendly. To show trustworthiness and product quality, Carrollwood Florist displays the customers’ testimonials at the end of the page. The web design is colorful and customers can easily see the flower categories.   

Love Billy

What to gift your beloved one? Visit Love Billy to have an idea.

Instead of using a hero image, this e-commerce website uses its copy. Customers can purchase clothing, jewelry, and clothing from here.  The copy on the homepage is “It’s not you, it’s me”. The copy indicates the help towards customers in selecting the best thing to gift your lover or crush.

The website is currently switched off but will come back soon with the new charming products.

All birds

“All birds” is a home of shoes with the best quality.

The hero section has a high-quality image and engaging copy to attract customers to explore the website. The first glance at copy lets the customers know about the shoes, made with natural materials. 

There is a CTA button in the hero section so that users don’t lose interest in finding it. Customers can also look at the shoes in the lab in the hero section. These shoes are in different bright colors to grab the customers’ attention.


To décor the interior design of your home, Surrounding offers the best products.

When customers visit this e-commerce shop, they feel more than WOW. The reason – the hero section has beautiful images of the products placed on the interior side of the homes. As customers visit the website, they will surely imagine their homes decorated with such products.

The layout has a drop-down menu of the products such as Lighting, furniture, and accessories. This helps the customers to find the products easily as per their needs.

Start a successful journey with ESP WEBZING for your online store web design

At ESP WEBZING, we have a dedicated team of web designers to grow your e-commerce business. By knowing your business needs, we use web designs accordingly. If you want to have the pre-built web designs for your e-commerce website, we can also help in that way.

We offer the best Ecommerce Website templates with all those necessary elements that uplift your brand. Our web design solutions help to make your online store a one-stop shop. To build trust in your customers we use the secure payment gateways on your website such as PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Also, ensuring your website’s compatibility with mobile phones is our priority. And for that, we use responsive designs. We make your e-commerce website’s layout user-friendly to improve the user’s journey on your website.


What are some essential design elements for an e-commerce website?

Some essential design elements in an e-commerce website are high-quality images, engaging descriptions, a clear CTA, a secure checkout process, user-friendly navigation, product search options, and responsive designs for mobile phones.

What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design helps the website work on all devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Why is it essential to show secure payment gateways?

Customers feel reluctant in online shopping because sometimes their personal information can get hacked by using the online platform. That’s why it is important to show secure payment gateways on your website. This indicates that customers’ personal information is safe and secure.

What can make a reason for customers to leave an e-commerce site?

A poor web design can be a major reason for abandoning the site. That can include the poor-navigation, slow-loading speed, bad-quality images, lack of customer reviews, and the inability of website’s compatible with mobile phones.

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