Digital Marketing in 2021! A Real Time of Digital Transformation

Pre-pandemic predictions made by top digital marketers ended up in the dark light. An unpredictable nature of 2020 has forced all the brands and online businesses to think differently as well as hard about the work strategy specially how to connect with the potential customers. No doubt, 2020 has changed the pattern people used to connect with each other and brought a big change in business driven activities.

With the orders to Stay home and close off all business activities, people were spending a lot of time online and now, almost 90% people have switched their businesses to the online portals’ like Amazon, Ebay, local Google, Facebook Business, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Overstock, Mart, Doordash, PostMates etc. and many other local platforms which are making it stress-free for people to sell and purchase easily.

 So the competition is way higher than ever before.  Now it will take a lot of professional work efforts and integration of different platforms to keep business growing.

But still, few things will be the integral part of digital marketing approaches.

1. Improved UGC – User Experience

UGC or user generated content, the most compelling form of content by the will of user, for the need of user and for making the decision of USER. But, what was the user experience in 2020 and what we have learned from it, now when we are up to reset and reevaluate our digital marketing strategy, so let’s be clear about it. UGC has always been the most underrated but most compelling form of content.  No doubt UGC amplifies the user experience, I know you would say yes, it can as of now we use cookies to calculate the user experience plus journey on any give web page.  

But do you know!!!

UGC help to strengthen a community by tapping into the human desire for connection with outsiders? Yes, it dose and without the limitation of location and time. So it helps brands to meet customers from all across the world.

Moreover, UGC helps brands generate remote content without having to setup photoshoots. Don’t forget to add UGC at the top of your digital marketing strategy if you really want to bring sellers and buyers like a dream. 

2. Voice and Visual Appearance

Visual branding is the key element of digital marketing 2021, we can name it the new Visual Appearance is the real “Digital Game Changer”.  Brand voice together with visuals work as brand ambassador, in this clutter world of media marketing distinguish yourself with an attractive visuals which should be complimented with your brand message.

Don’t forget to educate your audience about the services you are offering, or the product you are selling, create voice plus video content that can inspire, educate and entertain your audience. 

This type of content can be published in two different styles.

  1. Set Brand Persona (Publish marketing kind of vides, knowledge based videos on your social channels and follow new trends set by Facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube.)  
  2. Live streaming at facebook, Instagram, youtube by sending pre-message over whatsapp broadcast, Emails, youtube premier alerts etc.  

Don’t forget to have some live Video sessions with your customers/followers, you can have these visual sessions in the form of Q/As, Product making, launching, company news and even about any event at your company.

3. Local SEO (single plus multiplications)

You have a website of your business or not, Local SEO can help you yield profit and make money even if you are having a kitchen shop.  Local citation in 2021 can get the business you never imagined; you just have to follow the few points.

  1. First thing to add, a quick definition of user-to-business proximity at your business profile
  2. Google My Business Data should be complete and up to the mark, so you can convert every click.
  3. Correct NAP, Update your location for a more relevant Local Guides experience when you show up on any device searching you in your nearby.
  4.  Control the emails you receive from the people, use opt out settings for this purpose.
  5. Must have business profile at Yelp and Yellow Pages to help the people to find you.
  6. Don’t forget to have Facebook business page, twitter account as well as instagram
  7. Update deals, offers and make posts in the form of  images and videos
  8. Control your working hours, open and close days, availability of services any time.
  9. Control the emails and messages your receive from your customers
  10. Get direct calls from your area get direct reviews from your customers.  

Local SEO isn’t limited to Google, facebook, instagram etc, but if you are having a single small setup, it can help you reach your audience without any big investment.  Point to be noted, the story of local optimization will change for the businesses with multiple locations and operation hours. Granting, the benefits in term of popularity, visibility and customer conversation rate will be higher as well.  

4. Oldies but still goodies

While talking about the change in digital marketing strategies and trends, everything isn’t new; here are a lot of practices from the 2020 and even before. They are and will work for online businesses. Here we are listing them down one by one for readers.

  1. Interactive content marketing with off-page and on page SEO
  2. Featured snippets & no-click searches
  3. Social Media to Retain and Engage
  4. Sustainability and Communication of availability (loud and proud)
  5. Enterprise SEO – An Ongoing Process
  6. Youtube SEO – Visual Marketing
  7. Value Based Messaging and Emails
  8. influencer content and marketing
  9. Giveaways and Discount Offers
  10. in the last Google Ads and Remarketing

Wow – We have global Reach – End Note.

In the end, we are confident in saying, 2021 is the real time of “DIGITAL ERA”. Pandemic kind of situations has forced small scale businesses and brands to get the help of Digital channels for the delivery of their products and Marketing as well.  Now, every business is the real definition of “Digital Transformation” and companies from all fields of businesses are ready to invest in all kind of digital platforms like

  1. E-commerce Platforms
  2. Chatbots – Human Support
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Ominchannels Marketing
  5. Predictive Analytics – Price Match
  6. Email Customer Support and Marketing
  7. Mobile Apps
  8. Augmented and virtual reality.

Now, the game is on for the Digital Marketing agencies to develop highly executable ominichennel marketing approaches in the new age of digital transformation. They should consider creating the more seamless user experience to help the brands to embrace evolving technologies easily and cost-effectively, by helping online businesses, they can maintain their leadership position.

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