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A website for school needs to be more professional and captivating. There should be a great first impression to get the attention of a visitor. The purpose of this website is to maintain the overall brand of an institution by presenting its culture and values.

ESP WEBZING as a website builder creates educational websites to enhance the educational experiences with the best user experience.  We have web design experts who design your school websites with eye-catching images, impeccable layouts, and engaging features.

What is an education website?

A school website is a website representing the digital face of a school containing the information of the school, its policies, admission information, events, and staff.

Simply put, it is an online platform that represents the school as a whole with important information. Through this platform, teachers can access and share the information as well as parents can communicate with the teachers about their children’s studies status.

What pages should include in the education website?

As the website is the first interaction with the visitors so these are some important pages that should be included in your school website to engage the visitors.

Home Page

The home page of the school website contains all the basic information about your school. This information can be admission information, upcoming vacation information according to Calendar, and photos of events held at school. This all information on the website’s home page tells about the school’s culture.


This is an important part of the school website. This page shows the admissions scenarios like the date of entry tests and the lists of candidates who passed this test and are selected. Other important information such as the enrollment process and application forms also possess on this page.


This page contains information about school hours; when it opens and closes. The list of subjects of different classes like primary, middle school, higher secondary, and senior secondary can be checked on this page. This page talks about the school curriculum and students’ academic projects, as well as updates the information about homework and current class assignments.


The events page displays information about extra-academic activities such as sports, arts, etc. The extra-academic activities influence the students to enhance their academic performances. Indulging in these activities can sharpen the minds of students, which leads to class participation and better grades.


This page introduces the dedicated professionals and upper management of your organization to the website users.  Through the faculty page, users can know about the faculty members of your institution and keep in contact with them.

About Us

This page is last but most important to introduce your school. It displays information about your school like when it was founded and who were the founders. The “About us” page also contains information about your school’s achievements and honors.’

Why ESP WEBZING is the best website builder for your school website?

We create websites for teachers with the best results so that teachers, parents, and children could get a mutual platform to communicate about any aspect.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

Search engine-optimized websites

Our Web Designs are optimized for search engines, which shows that your websites will rank in search engines easily and pop up on the top search engine result pages (SERPs) to present the online visibility of your school.

Mobile responsive websites

More than half of the traffic comes from mobile devices, so, it is essential to create websites that run on both laptops and mobiles.  ESP WEBZING creates websites that are compatible with all kinds of devices to offer a seamless experience, which also means that your mobile responsive websites are optimized for search engines and function in a fast and same way on all screens.

Customer support

We provide customer support 24/7. In case, if your school website gets any problem you can contact us anytime, we are ready to solve it with the best results.

Time efficiency

We always craft and deliver your school websites within due time. Our company has a team of professionals who are committed to showing you the expected results before the deadline.

Create a design that suits the brand of your school

We don’t create your website design matching to other school websites in fact; we come up with unique designs as per your school’s culture.

Why is it important to have a school website?

We know that in this digital age, everyone is busy with their chores and trying to find ways to save time, by providing the website of your institutions with important information can help to save others time. Most people visit the website of a school before applying to make an informed decision.

The best Education website designs play a key role to display all the necessary details of your school as well as convert visitors into prospects. The more your website is updated with time, the more it will attract students to take admission. So, it needs to be well-designed and updated.

This online platform is the best way to show the culture of your school in a digital world so that people could get to know about the school’s presence which leads to increased admissions. It offers various resources for students and teachers to access such as homework assignments, educational materials, and class schedules.  Also, communicating with each other on this platform about any topic such as news or a calendar of events can improve collaboration among the members of the school community.

School websites can help parents to access their children’s academic results such as attendance status and grades. Providing customer service 24 hours is not important to notice in school websites but there should be an online feature to answer the questions of students or parents quickly. 

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