How to Create an Ecommerce Website Without Coding?

In the past decade, the eCommerce industry has witnessed incredible growth globally. The digitalization of business channels has encouraged business owners to move towards online means of business like never before. Having an eCommerce website for your business is highly crucial at this time. A lot of startups started with minimum capital and achieved targets in a matter of months. If you are wondering how to let us help you figure it out. Ecommerce websites have everything that a business needs to grow. You can integrate your website with social media platforms and reach out to your potential customers directly. With just a search query, users can find your business online and contact you directly. Moreover, online users are mostly volatile audiences. If they find what they need, they are most likely going to make a purchase without even visiting your physical office location. A website acts as an online gateway for your potential customers to interact and buy your products or services much faster compared to offline methods. You can use smart advertisement strategies to engage your desired audience. 

A few years back, it was relatively difficult to build a website. Website developers had to write codes to develop even the simplest templates. However, the scenario is quite different now. If you want to have your own eCommerce website, you do not necessarily have to be a developer. You can now buy ready-to-go shopping cart websites online from the comfort of your home. With the help of online website building services, you can choose from a list of website templates for your business. It is worth mentioning that all the web design templates are pre-built. This means that you do not have to trouble yourself with coding to get a website of your choice. While we are at it, it is true that the need for developers and programmers has immensely increased over the years. However, if you are looking for an easy and cost-effective way out, ready-to-go shopping cart websites can be a great choice. 

The Benefits of Ready-to-go Websites 

Professionally Built Templates 

Wondering how well the pre-built websites would do on a QA test? All web design templates are professionally developed using efficient frameworks. You can choose from simple websites as well as websites with shopping cart integration. Moreover, you can also make changes to the website as per your business needs. Regardless of the framework, you choose to go with, your website template will be completely responsive and expandable (depending on the framework). Please note that a shopping cart website template may be arranged in a particular layout. Once you buy it, you can play around with the layout options as well. 

Convenience & Freedom 

Ready-to-go shopping cart websites offer you complete freedom. You can easily go through a long list of website template designs to choose what you like. Additionally, you can also try the template for free. If you want to include any add-ons while you choose a specific website to purchase, you can simply pick from the list and have it integrated into your shopping cart website. Most importantly, you can do it all online right from the comfort of your couch. 

Free Domain & Hosting 

One of the key benefits of choosing ready-to-go shopping cart websites is a free domain and hosting. You do not have to worry about paying hosting charges and domain costs separately. The online website building company offers you a complete package that you can readily use.  

Guideline to Build your Website  

If you do not have any idea about coding, you can still build your website using a design template. The online website building services encourage you to be a part of the process. From choosing your website template to getting it ready for going live, you will receive thorough guidance from the company. You may also find listed instructions at each step during the process without having to ask for it. 

If you want to have your own eCommerce website but do not have any idea about technicalities, the following steps can help you successfully complete your website to go live. 

1.    Choose a Domain 

The first step is to choose a domain name for your website. A domain is a URL (e.g. that users can type in their browser and access your website. While it sounds fun to choose any name, you need to pick a domain name that is easy, relevant, and unique. You can look up on the internet to find available domain names and their cost. Once you find a suitable domain, purchase it to proceed further.

2.    Sign Up 

Once you are done with choosing your domain, you can sign up with an online website building company. The sign-up process of each company may vary. You can then proceed to choose a template for your website. Most website builders offer a free trial period to thoroughly check the website before paying for it. 

3.    Customize Template 

If you want to make any changes to the web design template, you can do it in this step. From font styles to the overall layout, you can arrange everything before proceeding to the next step. However, it is recommended to choose a layout that can accommodate most of the information and categories in the future. 

4.    Choose Add-ons 

If you want to add any additional features to your website, you can pick from the list of add-ons and get it integrated into your website template. 

5.    Addition of Content 

Once you are done with the design and add-ons part, you can now add content to your website. In this process you can add categories, rename them, add content to the landing pages, and rearrange the layout as needed. You can also add images, graphics, or video content to your web pages. 

6.    Go Live 

The final step of the process is to go live on the servers. But before you do, you need to thoroughly check your website content, CTAs, and page links to avoid any troubles later. You may also make any other changes to the website layout and pages before proceeding to go live. 

Please note that the above-mentioned steps are listed to help you complete your website building process easier. You can always receive assistance from one of the experts available to guide you over the phone. At any point during your template trial period, you can choose to go with a different template for your eCommerce business website as needed. It is important to know that the free-trial time duration may vary from company to company. 

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