Law Firm Website Design Best Practices

Law Firm Website Design Best Practices

When we want to find information, the first thing that comes to our mind is the online search journey on search engines. Whether it is about finding the products, services, professional plumber, personal trainer, or even the best restaurant, we go with the internet searching. We are provided with the websites to gain information to our likings.

The more the website is attractive and user-friendly, the more users will continue their search for information on it.  Many users abandon the sites because of poor user experience and most often it is one of the reasons to get downfalls in your online business.

Same like, people visit law firm websites to find attorneys. Though, your law firm’s website is the first impression to show that your clients are in the right place. A design is the backbone of your robust law firm website and it needs to be exquisite. ESP WEBZING as a website design agency provides you with website designs for law firms to make your site eye-catching with a better user experience and to show that you are the right attorney for your clients.

Here are some law firm website design best practices that can help your website to be easy to navigate and captivating.

First impression is crucial to engage the visitors

The first impression is important because people take the first 50 milliseconds to decide whether they should continue visiting your site or not. This shows that you have only 0.05 seconds in convincing them to stay on your website.

So, what makes a first impression persuasive? The crystal clear answer is your design; it should be unique, simple, and professional to guide the visitors to the information that they are looking for. A well-designed website with a positive first impression enhances the chances of turning visitors into your prospects.

Don’t use an off-the-shelf template that hundreds of other websites have used, instead create a unique template that portrays your firm’s distinction and it will help the clients to remember your firm.

Avoid using too many elements on a page

Visitors’ attention is captured by showing only important elements and content to continue their journey on your site. A webpage with crowded elements can cause visitors to leave a site. 84.6% of web designers say that many businesses do a mistake by showing web pages with a lot of elements or a crowded look.

Limiting the number of elements can help the users easily understand and find the information displayed on the page. So, it is important to remove unnecessary elements from the page because they can distract the users.

Highlight the important elements to get visitors’ attention

If you want to direct the visitors’ attention to important elements like CTA or necessary text then you can accomplish it by implementing the “visual hierarchy” principle. It is a design principle to arrange elements in a well-ordered such as size, color, contrast, and placement to help visitors to find the important information properly. 

If you are in search of a web Design Company to improve user experience on your law firm’s website, we are here to help you in this regard. We create the best law firm website design that befits your firm’s requirements.

Optimize it for smartphones

In this digital arena, more than half of the traffic comes from smartphones. Almost everyone possesses hand phones with them at every time and search from these hand phones most often when they need to search for their queries.

Making sure that your website design is optimized to offer a seamless experience at every screen can take your law firm to the next level. You make it easy for the clients to find you as their attorney on their phones. This means that your website should function in the same way as it does on other devices like laptops or monitors.

Focus on Website Speed (Core Web Vitals)

People want quick answers to their queries from websites. Most visitors leave some sites that take a lot of time to browse the data to present. Especially mobile browsing matters the utmost because mobile search rankings are based on page speed.

It means that better site load times on mobile devices and desktop increases traffic as well as conversion rates. You can improve your site load times by compressing the images, videos, and elements by using the appropriate file format.

Make user-friendly navigation

Poor-designed navigation can cause visitors to leave your site. Thus, well-structured navigation is a good way to improve the user experience on your law firm’s website. It should properly direct the users to find the information that they are looking for on your site.  The more your navigation is easy-to-use, the more the users will feel a better experience which leads to more web traffic. 

Here are some tactics to make easy-to-use navigation:

  • Have a fixed or inflexible navigation bar at the top 
  • There should be a few navigation links
  • There must be a search bar in the navigation bar
  • The footer should have navigation links

Show your services and attorney profiles

As you are providing the services so it is important to display these services on the home page. Your clients visit your law firm’s website to get two important points; first what services your firm provides, and second your attorney profiles. Again the first 50 milliseconds are here and they should describe your services clearly.

People hire lawyers that are professional and suit their expectations. So, it is important to attract people by displaying how your attorneys are the best to assist. This can include showing your achievements, awards, honors, and most importantly your client testimonials.

Use Professional and high-quality Images

Images portray your firm’s worth and they should be on your website. Don’t use generic stock images instead you must use photos that are relevant to your firm. Relevant photos attract visitors which results in increasing the time they spend on your site. A professional photographer can help to establish credibility by capturing high-quality images relevant to your firm.

Use a video with engaging information

Video marketing is getting popular because it helps to answer questions of the people. As visitors watch the videos, it can help to increase the visitors’ time on the page of your site. Providing videos with content discussing legal issues or answering important and legal questions of the people can attract prospective clients. People are in the search of hiring attorneys who are the best to solve their issues, so, sharing videos talking about those issues can help to attract people and turn them into potential clients.

Display social proof

Visitors want to have credible and authentic websites to hire lawyers. This means that the social proof of your firm’s authenticity can help to be selected. Adding pages that possess your client testimonials, reviews, and achievements can help to show your firm’s credibility and authenticity. Including ratings, media recognition, and association membership can help to display robust social proof of your law firm.

Highlight the CTA’s button or links

The CTA’s button or link can help to encourage a user to visit deeper into your site. Every page of your website should have CTAs. From “Read more” to “Schedule a consultation”, a CTA plays a key role to attract visitors and turning them into your prospects. It is essential to ensure that they are prominent and work well to take an action.

Display multiple contact methods

If a client wants to consult you, there should be an email or a phone call in an obvious form to approach you. Your client should not put effort to find your contact info; both email and phone calls should be highlighted. For a better experience, click-to-call and click-to-email CTA formats can help in this regard. You also need to add other methods of contact such as social media messages, contact forms, and live chat through a Chatbot.

How can our web design agency grow your law firm?

Whether you want to redesign your law firm website or create a new law firm’s website, we can help you in every regard. Rather than using off-the-shelf templates, we analyze your firm’s strategies and then step forward to create a Law Firm Website Design that meets your firm’s goals and attracts clients. Our well-devised attorneys’ website design enhances the user experience of your site and helps to pop up your website in the competitive market to show that you are the best attorney to represent your clients. From creating a good first impression on your site to offering a seamless experience on every device we help to make your firm second to none.

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