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Websites are becoming more popular these days because many businesses have got success through them. 

Just because everyone is relying on the internet to save their time and money so it is undeniable that websites are the best sources to generate the expected sales. Having a website means creating a room full of customers. But that not ends here; there is something to keep in mind if you want to make your website matchless. And that is its design.

Web design is a major factor in customer engagement. Study reveals that your business’s credibility also depends on your website’s design. The more it is effective, the more your audience will turn into your potential customers. Want to enhance your business’s credibility?

ESP Inspire offers the best Web Design Services to boost your business’s authenticity, which helps to attract more customers. Our team of expert web designers is well-versed in creating modern Website Designs, which helps to give a stronger first impression to the users.

Well, this article will let you know about what is a modern web design and why is it important for your business’s progress.

What is modern web design?

Modern web design refers to designing a website with modern tactics and strategies to improve the user experience (UX), functionality of a site, and the site’s seamless experience on all devices. This includes all the necessary elements in the website such as layout, typography, color schemes, and more to perform well.

Just because a better user experience leads to success and that’s why modern web design prioritizes it. The more your site has a user experience, the more it will boom your business.

What does it need to create a modern web design?

Modern web design is all about the combination of those important elements that make it function flawlessly and they are:

Use of Best Typography    

Typography refers to the use of fonts; choosing their size and weight.

Most probably you have gone through some websites that have the specific font. This helps their potential customers to recognize their brand easily. Your consistency in typography helps not only in building your brand’s uniqueness and recognition but also makes it easy for the customers to read the text on your website.

Based on headings, subheadings, and body text, typography creates a visual hierarchy so that users can find the information easily and quickly on your website.

Why is it important?

Just like every brand is known through its specific product or service, same like typography also helps to create the brand’s identification. Instead of using multiple fonts, successful business websites use the same font to show their distinction. Thus, it is important to ensure that your web designers are using the same fonts and are compatible with every screen and common browser.

It also helps to show your business’s category, whether it is fun or serious.

Adding must-have factor: White space

White space helps to grab the user’s attention as well as to make your site’s layout so clear and perfect.

White space plays a major role in modern web design. This makes the visual hierarchy flawless.  If there are side-to-side images on your web page, white space makes it easy for the users to understand them. Also, you can incorporate a big amount of white space around the images, which makes it easy to read the text on your web page.

 Why is it important?

Users visit your website to know about your products or services and white space makes it easy for them.  For example, if you display your product’s image at the top of the homepage by adding white space, the image will look clear and prominent and catch the users’ attention quickly. This way, it increases the worth of the product’s image.

Including Captivating and responsive hero-images

A hero image is a full-sized or giant image, which plays a major role in customer engagement.

 The name “Hero” indicates its “being the best” for holding the users’ attention.  These images are used above the texts or as the background of the texts so that users can easily understand what the text is actually about. 

Using these images can be about telling the story without the text. Nice play! Users can know about your site’s concept easily.

These images are optimized to adapt the shape as per users’ screen size.

Why is it important?

These giant images help the customers to know about your brand like what does it offer or what makes it the best of all. Without text or video, they can portray a real sense of your offerings with a unique style. But make sure that these images are representing your brand.

Using Feature videos

Feature videos demonstrate the specific product, service, or topic in a short video.

Just like background videos, feature videos are also used on the webpage to help the customers. These videos explain the benefits of the services or products, as well as they can also contain information about the particular use case.

 Why is it important?

Many businesses use these videos just to show their products or services features, which attracts customers. The more the customers know about the product’s features, the more they will make their purchasing decisions.

Integrating Responsive designs

Responsive designs make the websites perform well on all devices.

Almost everyone has mobile phones these days, so, designing your website compatible with mobile phones can be the cherry on top. Yes, gone are the days when websites were designed for just desktops. Study reveals that almost half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices.

This means that if your website doesn’t work on mobile devices accurately, you are more likely to lose half of the prospects. Thus, modern web design has a responsive design that offers the same functionality and feeling on all devices like mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Why is it important?

Showing your brand on all devices can take your business to the next level.  So, responsive design not only helps to engage the customers from desktops but also from mobile phones.

Suppose, if a customer is using a mobile device while visiting your website, but the website doesn’t fit on their mobile screen then it can create a risk of switching the customer from your site to your competitors. That’s why it is pretty clear that responsive design is tailored to your business’s growth.

Paying attention to Performance optimization

Performance optimization reduces the page loading time, which increases the user experience.

If your website is flawless in overall design but has poor loading speed then you are more likely to lose the greater conversions. Yes, users don’t wait to load the data because they want to have the information quickly. So, the more your website has a better page loading speed, the more the users will spend time on your website.

Thus, it is essential to ensure that all elements on your website are optimized, which improves the performance quality. This can include minimizing the size of the image and reducing the use of heavy and complex animations. 

Why is it important?

As users land on your website to find the information and if they experience any hinder on your website they won’t wait there and will leave your website. They can start exploring your competitor’s website. Thus, ensuring performance optimization helps to outrank your competitors.

Also, the more your website has poor loading speed, the more it will increase the bounce rate. Google ranks the site quickly which has better loading speed on mobile searches.

Including Hamburger menus

Hamburger menus act as a navigation tool to make the users’ journey easy.

 Since the mobile-friendly website concept came into being, hamburger menus have had great worth. Yes, users can easily find the information on your website with the help of the menus especially when they are using their mobile devices. By clicking the hamburger icon, users get hidden menus that direct them to the website’s section where they want to go.

 Why is it important?

Users want to continue their searching on websites that are clean and well-structured. Hamburger menus hide the secondary menus, which makes your website’s structure unclutter and beautiful. This way, users don’t face the crowded elements to look for their information and ultimately it drives sales.

Using Card design

Card designs present information in a visually appealing way.

With the trend of images with text, card designs have become so popular in modern web design.  These cards have a chunk of information with a visual element.  Users can easily opt for the category of the cards such as fashion, art, beauty, or others that they want to explore. This will provide the users with the article based on the category of the cards.                                                                             

Why is it important?

Visitors can select their desired products or services on your website quickly, which saves their time. Same as hamburger menus, card design also helps to make your website clean and well-structured. The more your website is well-designed, the more it will help to boost the user experience. 

But make sure that your card designs are compatible with every device, or else users will bounce from your website.

  • Using videos in the Background

These are automatically playing videos in the background.

Playing a video to tell the information can attract customers for sure. Background videos can play on a loop or one-time playback to show the information. Instead of providing the blocks of text to read you can simply put the background video so that customers can know about your website’s purpose to exist through it.

Why is it important?

Sometimes customers don’t want to read a page loaded with text. Thus, if you display a video with all the basic information about your products or services, it makes the customers effortless to know about all, which increases their engagement. Also, after catching their attention, it can encourage them to visit the rest of your website.

Hire Web Design Company to make your brand thriving

If you want to improve your business’s online growth, you should think about your web design first of all. Because the more your site has an effective web design, the more it will help to increase your sales. Users want to find the results quickly so, if your web design doesn’t function to meet their expectations then you can be out of the game. But no worries at all!

We at ESP Inspire, come up with the latest tools and unique game plans to make your website robust. Being well-versed in the contemporary trends of web design, we know what your website needs utmost. We are the best to make your website search engine and mobile-friendly, which leads to attracting more leads.


What is modern web design?

Modern web design refers to designing a website with a modern approach to make the website versatile. This includes different key elements such as typography, color scheme, SEO, card design, hamburger menus, white space, responsive designs, high-quality images and videos, and more.

What is the advantage of modern web design?

Modern web design helps to reach your customers easily. Just because this design focuses to make the website perform well on all devices so, businesses can have a wide audience from different platforms.

Why hamburger menus are important?

Hamburger menus make your website well-structured and managed, which helps the customers to explore your website easily without feeling overwhelmed. They can directly go to the page or section of your website after clicking your secondary menu; hidden in the hamburger icon.

How does a Web Design agency help to attract customers?

Web design agency includes all the key elements in your website design, which makes your website impeccable. By creating a user-centered design, customers can have access to your website without any hinder. Customers can visit your website from any device as well as the modern web design is search optimized and which helps to show your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs), which results in more sales.

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