Why Is Typography Important In Web Design?


It is for sure that with the improvement of UI Design, a good website design essentially consists of eye-catching visuals, different style texts, and distinct appearances. So, any website design with these major features will attract more traffic. By using this latest and advanced typography in your website design, it is all about that you are letting your customers know the actual purposes and goals of your business.

Surprisingly, 95% of the website design consists of typography including elements like typeface, hierarchy, contrast, consistency, alignment, white space, color, etc. So, these are all elements that appear as helpful to the website users for browsing the site easily.

Importantly, the user perception of your website is majorly dependent on the used typography. For this purpose, your business must use this typography appropriately in your website design. Furthermore, it also enables the users to meet the best customer experience.

So, here we are presenting A-Z about typography and giving you the guidelines for selecting the website design template compatible with your business.

What is Typography?

Typography is all about the technique of arranging the letters and texts in a way that makes the website readable, clear, and graphically attractive to the users or readers.   Furthermore, it makes the website navigation, convenient for the users, as well as creates the artistic UI for the website.

 Just because Typography improves the user experience and enables its users to interface not only with the content but with the text as well. It makes the users comprehend the text easily so, it plays a central role in any website design.

The Major Typefaces In Typography

A Typeface is used in the text of your website and that determines to select aura, tone, and graphic structure of your website.  Some people don’t get bothered while applying certain typefaces and fonts on your websites. There is a difference between font style and fonts. Font styles are found ranging in their letters and weights but fonts are the visual exhibition of your website.

Followings are the major typefaces that various website design companies mostly use:

  1. Serif
  2. Sans serif
  3. Slab serif
  4. Script

Generally, Serif and Sans Serif typefaces are used.  Finding them is not a big deal you can avail them in any website design template offered online by web design companies. These two typefaces are authorized to make website users read the text conveniently.  

Also, these two are so usual just because they display a clear vision even on poor-resolution devices.  One of the major purposes is what website design companies use them for creating titles, logos, etc. Rests of the two are used to highlight or bold something.

Importance Of Typography In Web Design

The very important thing that matters for a successful website is how great your website content portrays the purpose of your website. Also, typography coordinates with a user interface to enhance user experience. Just don’t skip it because it is the key factor in your website design. So have a glance at the importance of typography in website design.

·         Sustains Hierarchy

Hierarchically putting content leaves a great impression. So, it is basically about arranging the content of your website as important-wise in sections so that the readers won’t feel trouble comprehending and can have an access to the main point regarding their information.

Just because users need prompt findings of their searches on the search engines, so website designers need to keep the main section on top of the website to engage the users. By giving a hierarchical structure to your website, there are greater chances of improving the user experience and website traffic.

·         Improves Clarity

It is well proven that users want to have a simple website while in the moment of reading something. Reading too many texts can make the users exhausted and that can cause the users to leave the site.  

So, websites with well-structured typography are the ways to give clear and authentic points of information to the users, and this way the texts become unambiguous. There are some elements of best typography include; lengthy periods, bold typeface, bigger font, and empty spaces between paragraphs.

·         Assists in Keeping Consistency

Consistency in the typography of your website is another factor that shows the professionalism and reliable side of your site. So, giving various directions to the website users about the main purpose of your website enhances the user experience of your website.

Through consistency in your typography, the look of your website becomes simpler. User Interface design having consistent typography can improves your website’s revenue just because the font of the website text is easy to reach.   

·         Establishes Credibility

This is so clear that a well-devised website improves the website traffic as well as increases the website’s revenue. If your website design has well-structured typography, it will enhance your website’s credibility among users for sure. Because users are well familiar with the credible content they are in search of. So, the more credible content your website provides to the users, the more it boosts your website. And when users come to know about your website’s credibility that automatically strengthens your business.

·         Grabs Reader’s Engagement

Typography comes as beneficial by focusing on those sections of your website that you need to highlight to grab users’ attention. Because the first impression is the last, it highlights the main section that users grab at the first sight. Users are always in search of a captivating and artistic engaging website. Last but not least, the best typography on the website upgrades the user experience.  

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